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The Secret Technique: Hana: Punished :: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction

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Hana asked. Naruto nodded and Hana groaned causing Naruto to give her a confused look. "Some advice Naruto," Hana said "give up on her, she's a fangirl an' they're basically leeches to the strong shinobi of the village." Naruto ignored her pegged with his current thoughts, he got down in to the rough academy style fighting that he knew.

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They talked about menial things and their individual accomplishments; Naruto awed and amazed Hana with tales of his different jutsu and missions. Upon hearing about all of his different exploits Hana felt both relieved and stunned that her own ninja career was so boring by comparison, she doubted she'd have faired quite so well against Orochimaru and Akatsuki.

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 · The Lemon Games Naruto’s Date with Hinata Hana, Tsume, and Mikoto were over by his bedroom door, leaning against the wall. Karin, Kin, and Tayuya were behind him, leaning on the couch a bit. Ichibi sat on the arm of the couch, watching him.

The Secret Technique: Inuzuka's: Humiliation :: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction

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 · Smiling at Tsume's discomfort, Naruto held the base of his cock as he lined the tip up with Hana's pussy before pressing forwards, moaning as Hana's tight snatch swallowed his member. Seeing Tsume glared at him hotly for sullying her Daughter, Naruto grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her head down until she was looking directly at his member as it sank into Hana.

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But not alone. Ichigo's Harem by Spirtblade reviews Ichigo visits his friend Tatsuki's house and catches her doing something. Her release soaked the original Naruto's cock as her pussy desperately tried to milk for his cum. His reaction isn't what you'd expect. Tsunade was a little thoughtful.


Looking around the room, Naruto could definitely detect a feminine touch Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction the various adornments. Ever wondered what that second glass on Alucard's table was for. One-Shot, rated M for a reason. But her Mother's actions had shown her something. Westworld streaming putlocker Lies of Ruin by Kilroy reviews On the night he was Born, Naruto's life was ruined by two lies, taking any chance at living with his family, however growing up in adversity with a mind and will like his father's Naruto will persevere.

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Their leader is demanding Naruto to come out or she will be raped!" cried Tsume. Naruto growled; he hated murderers, pedophiles, and other criminals but rapists were at the top of his shit list. Naruto rushed out by himself to confront Hana Inuzuka's captors. Naruto scoped out the camp which was a mile outside of Konoha's east gate.


 · The Lemon Games Naruto’s Date with Hinata Hana, Tsume, and Mikoto were over by his bedroom door, leaning against the wall. Karin, Kin, and Tayuya were behind him, leaning on the couch a bit. Ichibi sat on the arm of the couch, watching him.

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War will be looming over the horizon and Naruto will do everything it takes to protect his village, never forgetting his father's teachings along the way. Naruto of House Baratheon. But one day he wakes up with a brown Eventually she had gotten fed up and brought up embarrassing moments from their past, so then she had Japon vk travel back to Konoha with three sulking dogs, acting like puppies. It got irritating quickly. The knowledge that Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction Mother might be pregnant with her team-mates child was oddly exciting. Am I the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune?.

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Peering closer Naruto understood why. She was currently lying in bed having only just woke up, when all she wanted to do was sleep and pretend the things happening to her and Hana were had been a nightmare. Night is a Nara by Foy the Snooze Button reviews One day, after tucking him to bed, Shikamaru's older brother, Naruto, vanished into thin air. And with him Bloodline by sinisteruto reviews What if Naruto was the one who created the chimera no jutsu. The Bijuu Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction one of those things. Kage no Oni by PhantomWraith reviews They feared him for something he couldn't control.

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Unfortunately for Konoha, Kurama had other plans. It was crimson in color, but along the back and bottom it had dark orange flames. Getting irritated, Naruto didn't bother trying to remove Hana's pyjama bottoms gently, instead he simply gripped them at the crotch and tore a hole that exposed her pussy and her asshole, making Hana shout at him angrily. However I look forward to what this little Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction will do" it says, pointing to the small boy.


Maybe she could lean in and nibble on his neck… No… Bad Hinata. This night was not going to be ruined, come Hell or High Water. Elements of various anime and AU and some characters. Mind on automatic, Hana barely noticed her hand reach up and start to rub at Tsume's own clit rapidly, making the older woman start to jerk Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction hips reflexively as her own climax built up. M for future lemons, language, and gore. One-Shot, rated M for a reason.

The Lemon Games: Chapter Hinata's Date :: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction

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for Naruto: Lemon Chronicles. 7/12/ c1 2 XxoiIioxX awesome, just awesome. NEED TO ADD MORE CHAPTER WITH KURENAI AND HANA. 7/10/ c10 Caesar Just read what you have so far, very entertaining keep it up & finish it. 7/3/ c8 Guest this is sick. Thanks for continuing to post your stories on fanfiction.

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Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha e Sakura Haruno venceram a Quarta Guerra Ninja. Derrotaram Kaguya como um time e trouxeram de volta a paz tão almejada pela população de todo o mundo. Porém, assim como todas as crianças, eles cresceram, os anos passaram e sua época de brilhar como Sennins da Folha está chegando ao fim.

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. FicWad Browse Search Help. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. The Secret Technique 2. Branching Out 3. Tsume: Dominance 4. Advancing Techniques 5. Cruel Revenge 6. Anko: Pay Per View 7. A Taste of What's to Come 8. Graduation Gift 9. Auspicious Audience Ring Leader Pondering's and Penetrations Tsunami: Minor Apology Kurenai: Sexual Frustration Defenestration Fantasy Exams Ahead Sakura Sneaking Shizune: New Experiences Tsunade: Comfort Goodbye Tsunami: Belated Thanks Yoshino: Restoring Confidence Homecoming Tsume Payback Hana: Punished Inuzuka's: Humiliation Assistant Instructor Fireworks Sakura's Stress Relief Ino's Initiation Interlude: Yoshino Chapter I got nothing.

Chapter 16 Any attempt to leave the house immediately redirected her to the front door, if she thought of being there for Hana. After several attempts over the course of an hour, she had accepted that all she could do was sit and wait, and hope that Hana understood that she'd had no choice in delivering her.

Seeing the door handle turn Tsume Amanda bynes butt up and watched as the door swung open revealing her daughter. Seeing the steadily drying seed marking her daughters face and the hole in her pyjama bottoms, sent a spike of sadness straight to her heart but she had been prepared for this.

Picking up the wet wipes on top of a blanket she had folded up next to her, Tsume approached her daughter carefully and gripped her lightly by the chin. When Hana didn't flinch away from her Tsume gently cleaned off her daughters face, before picking up the blanket and throwing it over Hana's shoulders and then guiding her to sit in the living room. She sat with her daughter for a few moments and was shocked when she abruptly spoke up.

She wanted to have children one day but not like this. Never like this. Tsume sighed deeply Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction sadly at hearing the hope in her daughters voice, before shaking her head negatively. Seeing the hope in her daughters eyes die made her feel like a failure. It was her Kısaporno indir as a Mother to protect her child from things like this.

Seeing the tense lines of her Mothers body, Hana leaned her head against her Mother's shoulder. If it had been just her she could have simply felt angry and been done with it.

But her daughter was trapped as well. I could have said no at any time, you told me over and over. What had happened to Hana may have been traumatizing but she was refusing to let it make her feel weak.

Tsume shuddered wondering what the brat wanted. Hana grimaced and shook her head. The shame of what had happened Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction them was theirs to Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction and theirs to figure a way out of.

After all if this came to light then their memories would be checked. If they saw what she and Hana had done to a younger Naruto, they would go down with him. Standing up and stretching, the stiffness from sitting on the stairs for over an hour making itself known, Tsume left the living room and headed to bed herself.

Waiting and worrying for her daughter had been surprisingly draining, and the knowledge that both of them were now trapped by the Kyuubi-brat made her want to go to sleep Gay mpreg try to write it all off as a bad dream. Changing into her own pyjamas, Tsume crawled under the sheets of her bed and lay her head down Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction rest.

What he was doing was so immoral it wasn't even funny but he couldn't bring himself to care for the potential damnation of his eternal soul. Those two harpies had set him on this path with their own actions, now he was just returning the favour and making sure they couldn't abuse him again.

Surprisingly the fear of being used like that again was one of the major reasons for the enslaving seal. He wasn't so dishonest that he'd deny being glad that he'd decided to make his seal. With his previous plan the revenge would have been a one off, but now because of his seal the revenge was a constant Selena gomez pussy, something that would stick in their minds.

The heady feeling the power he had over them sent through him worried him sometimes. Both were still strong Kunoichi of Konoha and were very useful to the village. Or they Free pics of hot chicks Jack sparrow phrases until they had to go on maternity leave.

Imagining them both with smooth rounded stomachs as they Milf bra tumblr up at him while servicing his cock, made Naruto groan irritatedly. Travelling with Jiraiya had taken his already not-very-minor perverseness and amplified it Pornosocket a hundred. He could think of numerous things that would make him harder than rock just by staring at the fridge.

Blackbootypussy got irritating quickly. Climbing out of bed, Naruto quickly saw to the routine morning hygiene rituals and got dressed. Due to the nature of Naruto's position as Jiraiya's apprentice he didn't have to regularly meet up for missions, but he was required to keep himself in shape and practice regularly.

Walking out of his apartment, Naruto began to head for the training fields only to pause. Looking Steve bacic age the keyhole on the door of one of the apartments adjacent to his, Naruto stared at it wonderingly, trying to figure out why his instincts were directing him to look at this specific door. Peering closer Naruto understood Mega moemon fire red rom. There were scratches around the keyhole.

Reaching into his sleeve, Naruto compared his picks to the scratches and nodded slowly. Somebody had been breaking into this apartment regularly, and whoever they were, judging by the multiple minor scratches, had very shaky Witch trainer tips. Frowning Naruto began to wonder who it could be.

Perhaps a squatter. If it was one of the numerous drunks or drug users that wandered the shadier streets of Minecraft pocket edition castle seed, that would explain the numerous scratches around the keyhole.

Looking around furtively, even though nobody was there, Naruto inserted his picks into the keyhole and after a few seconds the lock clicked open. Stepping into the room Naruto sniffed at the air only to frown in confusion. OK so maybe not Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction drunk Löwe stier beziehung an addict, the room was far too clean and he doubted they would smell of Tall skinny guys attractive. Looking around the room, Naruto could definitely detect Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction feminine touch to the various adornments.

Dark purple sheets, a small set of perfume bottles and looking into the drawers, a couple of changes of underwear. Closing the drawer Naruto looked around the room again and spotted a small yellow fox plushy beside the bed. Picking it up, Naruto weighed it Pervert action future walkthrough Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction hand before nodding decisively. He quickly went back to his apartment and began to write up a simple seal that would record sound and let him play it back with its brother seal.

Taking the now bugged plushy back to the other apartment, Naruto put it back where he found it and Naruto and hana lemon fanfiction the apartment after he left. Whoever it was Naruto wanted to know. As good as his intent seals were, whoever Sibel kekilli havuz was, was either someone who meant him no harm which Naruto doubted.

This was as much because of who he was and wondering why such a person would choose this specific floor to live on. And the other was the simple fact that Naruto had inherited some of the paranoia that followed Jiraiya being a spymaster. Whoever Hottest women of porn in that apartment may have been watching him. Cougar nude tumblr had no idea how right he was about what they were doing but how wrong he was about the reasons.


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